Unique Non Playable Characters


Characters with unique models who have their own name rather than their race as their name not made playable.

Su Jiang-Ying
Xiao-Lins mother, first seen in Xiaos opening cinema as a Flashback, knows Swordplay but refuses to use it unless necessary. Unlike the usual mom as she doesn't appear to age.

Miri Mayron
Mil Mayrons younger sister adept at using magic, her first appearance is in Mils 1st stage where they with Quika must defend their home, she's a cute girl and loves fluffy stuff. Likes seeing Mils Elementazion form.

Quika Mayron
Mil Mayrons taller sister and expert markswoman who uses a Crossbow, like Miri her first appearance is Mils 1st stage to defend their home, shes a tough woman with a bit of a deadpan tone of voice, carries 2 quivers with her (one on her back, the other on her leg)

A female Dwarf who travels around near all battlefields to set up her business tempering weapon skills for all customers.

A female human who sets her shop in the many towns, Olivia her fairy companion tends to have special artwork hidden on certain battlefields for the character you control.


At the moment only 3 creatures exist that help playable characters in battle, more may be be added in due time

Helps: Su Xiao-Lin and Artemiz
Creature: Ferret
Rarity: Super Rare
Abilities: Various

Lil Sweetie , Sleipial & Olivia
Helps: Su Xiao-Lin (LS), Ryƫken (LS) , Spica (S), Silvia (O) & Tawny (O)
Creature: Fairy
Rarity: Uncommon
Abilities: Helpful buffs
Special skill (Normal Form): Dust Break/Magic Arrow - Throws a puff of dust or an arrow that will break enemy guard.
Special skill (Attack Form): Momentum - Double partners Attack at the cost of halving Defense.
Special skill (Defense Form): Resilience - Double partners Defense at the cost of halving Attack as long as she stays on their shoulder. Excessive damage will cause her to fall off and momentarily recharge.
Special skill (Healing Form): Stimulus - Recover partners Health provided they standstill, otherwise she'll make a barrier which stops movement and attacks from happening. Does not work against projectile attacks.

Helps: Sauron
Creature: Harpy
Rarity: Rare
Abilities: Support attacks

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