Every playable character can be one of four types which determine what effect they get during battle and what color the border for their portrait will be.


Border color: Yellow
When the character is hit and flinches they can counterattack at the cost of using musou. They can also use musou to strengthen charge attacks with a quicker execution and higher damage output. Their skills are integrated into their moveset at certain charge attacks.


Border color: Red
While attacking they will have Hyper Armor against normal attacks and will deal increased damage if hit in this state. Their skills tend to be very powerful and take up a lot of musou to use, but come with a temporary buff.


Border color: Blue
Will naturally be able to Air Dash and can Jump Cancel out of their attacks. Simian characters who are of this type can Air Dash twice. They have two skills, one useable while not moving while pressing the special attack button and the other from pressing a directional button with the special attack button.


Border color: Purple
When the character is hit and flinches they can preform an Evasive Step to back away from any further damage. Their skill has a guard break properties which will have an extended animation if they break an opponents guard, it can also be charged up at the cost of movement to inflict greater damage.

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