Every playable character has 8 stats which determine their ability during battle. When your character is at the max level you can receive a special training mission from Combat Master Shenlong to increase your stats to the base limit.


How much damage your character can take, when it reaches 0 your character will die. Amakosuke can raise back up with half his max Life after having it depleted while having doubled Defense. Base limit is 800 while the max is 1,000.


Similar to MP in other games character skills will take some musou to use. Technique characters can counterattack after flinching at the cost of musou, also they can strengthen their charge attack with quicker execution at the cost of musou. Xiao-Lin can use her musou with half a musou bar. Base limit is 800 while the max is 1,000


Damage dealt from the weapon in hand. Not all characters have a weapon in which damage is calculated by this. Base limit is 500 while the max is 750.


How well a character can take damage from an attack that uses the attack stat. Base limit is 500 while max is 750.


Damage dealt when attacking on a mountable creature. The Defense and Ride stat combine to determine how long the rider can stay on the creature. Base limit is 500 while the max is 750.


Damage dealt from projectiles and other form of ranged attacks. This also determines defense against attacks that use this value. While all character can deflect projectiles back Sanada Yayoi can deal triple to damage when she reflects projectiles. Base limit is 500 while the max is 650.


Determines how quickly the character can move across the battlefield. Base limit is 400 while max is 500.


Determines how high a character can jump. Characters with the ability to Double Jump will have this value on their first jump not the second. Base limit is 300 while max is 400.

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