Races & Creatures


There are a total of 4 different races throughout the world with their own little quirks and archetypes

Archetype: Varies
Typical average character with their own special traits.

Archetype: Technique
Pointy eared guardians, mainly have some form of magical energy to use in dire situations. Can disguise themselves among other races by changing their appearance to match.

Archetype: Power
Mainly have a set of animal ears protruding on top of their head and slit pupils. Able to transform into a beast form based on their type. Males are generally more Aggressive even to their own mate.

Archetype: Speed
Usually Blonde haired with a tail, amazing athletic & aerobic abilities. Tend to have 2 weapons though some may have a 3rd used with their tail.

Sub races

While humans have no sub races the other 3 do which have differences in how they act and are treated among the rest.


The more physically inclined of the Elven race. While females are more towards wearing revealing clothes males tend to wear more traditional garbs. A noticeable similarity is that they wear war paint on their faces and wear a headband.

Preferred Weapon: Spear or Bo Staff

High Elf
The more magically inclined of the Elven race. Both favor being more conservative of their looks unlike Elf. Due to their bond with Nature they have healing magic and can cast Nature based spells. Females tend to have some form of inhibitor to better control their magic flow while males do not have as much to worry about.

Preferred Weapon: Crystal Ball or Magic Fan

Dark Elf
The mixed type of the Elven race. Unlike Elf and High Elf their ears point outward rather than backwards, also they have marking on their back as well as a White demon tail protruding from their lower back. A Dark Elf can have White or Black Sclera depending on if they seek revenge against someone. Males tend to wear a mask over their face to hide their shame of turning to dark forces to aid in their revenge while Females have a ring around their thigh to control their dark powers.

Preferred Weapon: Syringe or Summon Spirits


Female only, cutesy and clumsy of the main female demons. Their clothing choice resembles Chinese style dresses. Their attacks are swift similar to a dance, their male counterpart is the Ruffian. They have cat ears and tail, they can transform into cats.

Preferred Weapon: Jian

Male only, strict and serious of the main male demons. Their clothing choice resemble Japanese style clothing and armor. Their attacks are slow and powerful, their female counterpart is the Feline. They have dog ears and can transform into wolves.

Preferred Weapon: Heavy Sword

Female only, seductive and graceful of the main female demons. Their clothing choice tends to be short revealing dresses with various animal furs, their male counterpart is the Weretiger. They will usually try to find a Weretiger to mate with, their lover will usually have a bite mark on the left side of their neck. They have fox ears and tail, they can transform into foxes.

Preferred Weapon: Claw Gloves

Male only, calm and collective of the main male demons. Their clothing choice resemble karate masters, their female counterpart is the Werefox. They have tiger ears and are the only main male demons with a tail, they can transform into tigers.

Preferred Weapon: Chi infused Karate

Female only, mysterious and deceptive of the main female demons. Their clothing choice resemble lolita fashion, their male counterpart is the Fenrir. They have leopard ears and tail, they can transform into leopards.

Preferred Weapon: Ring Blade

Male only, born without either sight, smell or sense of taste, in rare cases two or all three of these combined. When they mate with any other their traits aren't passed onto the child should they be a girl and may if the child is a boy. They have wolf ears and can transform into wolves which is the only time they are able to see normally though unlike the others it causes strain and shortens life span.

Preferred Weapon: Katana


The more physically inclined of the Simian race. While females are more towards wearing revealing armor males normally tend to wear a cloak to hide in the shadows. They tend to have a spare Kunai held by their tail.

Preferred Weapon: Dual Kodachi or Sais

The healing or support type of the Simian race. Clothing style tends to vary due to the wide variety of these.

Preferred Weapon: Various unnatural weapons

The more magically inclined of the Simian race. While females are more towards striking the mind males are more towards striking the soul. A noticeable similarity is that they have markings over their eyes.

Preferred Weapon: Sword & Spear or Conjoined Double Sword

Other races

Some races are categorized among the main three for sub races as they act as their upon their own society even the ones that better sound like a job class.

A mysterious race that lives under the sea, how they came to fruition is unknown. They are almost all female with only one male who rules as their King. In water they are able to transform into a mermaid while on land they can (though choose not to) make their skin as hard as a Dragons scale. They are known for their erotic dances which are interactive and sexual in nature.

Preferred Weapon: Twin Knives

A beautiful maiden of the snow commonly spoken of in the snowy region of Lucasia. They appear with either a short kimono or a long bloody kimono based on the heart of the traveler they meet. Should the short kimono version appear they will help nurse the traveler back to health so they may continue their travels. Should the bloody kimono version appear they will pretend to be hurt to lure the traveler in and kill them.

Preferred Weapon: Harp (Passive) or Iai Sword hidden in a Cane (Deceptive)

A tribe of warrior women with unstable emotions. One moment they will be normal the next they might turn into a killing machine which can only be stopped by being offered their favorite food. Due to this they tend to keep mating off limits with other races unless challenged to a match with marriage on the line.

Preferred Weapon: Axe & Shield

A tribe of warrior men who look for Amazons to challenge for marriage. Their challenge can be either strength based or knowledge based, due to knowing the favorite food of the Amazon they wish to marry they have no need to worry about sudden emotion changes.

Preferred Weapon: Sword & Shield

A sexy female body for hire who often hide their face behind a mask to keep it beautiful. Often dressed in captivating outfits they have bat wings which can form anywhere on their back and a long tail with a heart shaped tip at the end. When a succubus is killed if they have a strong enough bond with their master a memento will be left behind for them. While Succubus & Incubus are able to change their gender a true Succubus has her horns pointing forward, both are able to emit a pheromone when seeking victims which will usually effect those weak of mind.

Preferred Weapon: Whip

Looked down upon compared to their female variant Succubus. Usually only called upon if there are no Succubi around for a job. Unable to control themselves they are cursed to have their body structure change without proper treatment. While Succubus & Incubus are able to change their gender a true Incubus has his horns pointing backward, both are able to emit a pheromone when seeking victims which will usually effect those weak of mind.

Preferred Weapon: Rapier

A green humanoid demon usually seen in large groups. Powerful in large numbers though usually with one female acting as lead of the pack. Love setting ambushes on unsuspecting travelers.

Preferred Weapon: Clubs

Red Oni
A red humanoid demon with Black Sclera and long horns protruding from their head. Rarely seen sober with their prized White Gourd by their waist, females wear theirs by their right side while males wear it on their left. Lover of fighting even more when drunk, has many bodily scars and wears a necklace made of skulls.

Preferred Weapon: Kanabō

Blue Oni
A blue humanoid demon with Black Sclera and short horns protruding from their head. Rarely seen sober with their prized Black Gourd by their waist, females wear theirs by their right side while males wear it on their left. The smarter and less violent of the two oni, can be embarrassed if they remember certain acts they did when not fully drunk.

Preferred Weapon: Giant Gourd

Faithful mountain protectors, the females tend to greet travels who pass by while the males will act theatrical. Females are generally seen with their wings and never touch the ground. If they sense that travelers who pass by are of ill intent they will mercilessly attack.

Preferred Weapon: Fingernails (Female only), Wind Fan

A peaceful race that prefers to make weapons rather than fight with them. They are excellent Blacksmiths, a particular one tends to follow where battles are being held to offer her smiting service for the players.

An ancient race that use to ravage the land, only one man of this once proud race remains. While they were commonly seen in their transformed form which was a Dragon they normally have one arm shaped like a Dragon's hand.

Vates are female humanoid with pale skin with varied hair and eye color (their left eye will match their hair color). They also have birth tattoos their back (only visible during intimate moments) and their type insignia on their forehead. Although their body look slim and well endowed, Vates are heavier than humans and have greater physical strength. Vates tend to be silent though speak telepathically to those who can hear such as Fairies. Those who have a voice can stimulate sexual arousal to nearby listeners.

Vates are grouped depending on the symbols on their forehead, the top determining their lifestyle.

  • Delusive - Tend to never stay in the same place for very long, travels very often.
  • Lustful - Usually travels, but not as frequent as Delusive types.
  • Innocent - Tends to stay near their area of creation.

The sides determine how the Vates behave upon creation.

  • Goddess - Only three Vates have been know to have this type of marking and act differently from their intended type.
  • Priestess - Vates who travel the world either to help a friend or on a journey. Delusive and Lustful types can be this, Innocent can't.
  • Handmaiden - Two Vates who act as bodyguards for a Goddess, these are not as common as Priestess Vates.
  • Other - Vates who don't go on journeys and tend to maintain the cities prosperity. Innocent types are mainly this type only, Lustful can be this type, Delusive travel too much to be this type.


There are a number of creatures with the intent purpose to help or hinder you progress

Rarity: Super Rare
Ferret's are interesting as they have a variety of abilities they can have, one such ability is stopping a person from freezing just by sitting on their shoulder.

Rarity: Uncommon
Fairies are often nicknames tiny perverts due to their somewhat naughty behavior they exhibit specially around women. Their rank is determined by the number of wings they have while in flight, the less they have the higher their rank.
  • High ranks are either Queens or Princesses with only 2 wings and have a strong enough bond that they don't need to be directly near their master during form change (except Heal form).
  • Mid ranks are Warriors with 4 wings they are taught form changing to aid their master.
  • Low ranks are Workers with 6 wings they try their best to make it towards Warrior status, they have no added special ability.

A common ability they all share is swimming in coffee will cool it down to a tolerable level while making it sweeter to drink and the ability to change their size if only for a brief moment (at most 15 minutes due to the strain). They are generally no bigger than a humanoids head at their normal size.

Fairies are easily identified by their clothing style & wing type. Fairies of differing types have been known to mingle with each other to share stories.
Clothing Style Wing type
Amazon Transparent
Assassin Butterfly
Qipao Dragonfly
Maid Feathery
Egyptian Bat
Armor Translucent

How Fairies find a master vary depending on the individual Fairy herself, which can either be from helpful individuals who travel the land or a bond that was shared in some form with the recipient.

Rarity: Rare
Harpies are generally hard to find much less tame, though tamed ones will follow the first person who manages to tame her even if it was by accident. They are very loyal to the person who tames them and will do what they can to ensure no harm comes to him/her essentially acting as if they were part of their flock.

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