General Info

Name: Phike
Title: Crafty Simian
Age: 27
Race: Monkey
Gender: Male
Type: Tech
Dodge: Roll
Weapon: Yo-Yo's
Weapon Name: Mech Rollers
Self Ability: Instinct - Dodge during charge attacks. does not work with skill
Skill: Trick Ride - 360 skateboard attack in place. Strong knockback attack, element active
Picking Quote: Need my inventions eh? Wouldn't blame ya:P
Meet in battle (generic): Tinker here, twist there and you'll be as good a new

Initial Stats

Life: 110
Musou: 105
Attack: 91
Defense: 89
Ride: 99
Range: 117
Speed: 125
Jump: 126


Coming Soon

Character Relations

Lord - Setsuna
Friend - Cao Fei
Annoyer - Seiryƫ


Coming Soon

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