General Info

Name: Musashi
Title: Master of Blades
Age: 58
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: Power
Dodge: Flip
Weapon: Dual Katana
Weapon Name: Masterpiece & Finese
Self Ability: Absorb - Guarding attacks refills Musou
Skill: Cross Edge - Sheaths Masterpiece and then quickly does a Cross pattern attack with both Katana's
Picking Quote: The way of the sword…
Meet in battle (generic): Let our weapons do the talking.

Initial Stats

Life: 129
Musou: 89
Attack: 125
Defense: 108
Ride: 97
Range: 98
Speed: 100
Jump: 108


A man destined for the field of battle and lives by the sword. Gladly accepts all challenges hoping to add more history on his body. His power is known throughout the land, many have tried to bring him under their belief, but ultimately fail as no one can surpass his might.

Character Relations

Old Friend - YĆ«ji Sanada


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Weapon Data

Masterpiece & Finese

Strength: A
Durability: B
Air Combat: C
Reach: C

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