General Info

Name: Kin Kutuna
Title: Wandering Elven Monk
Age: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Type: Tech
Dodge: Flip
Weapon: Bo Staff
Weapon Name: Iflyte
Self Ability: Stability - Guard during charge attacks
Skill: Precision - Fierce thrust, dazes enemy on contact. C2x, not element active
Picking Quote: All it takes is one strike.
Meet in battle (generic): A quick duel is all I ask.

Initial Stats

Life: 100
Musou: 110
Attack: 95
Defense: 90
Ride: 110
Range: 85
Speed: 100
Jump: 105


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Character Relations

Lord - Mikado
Ally - Gin
Friend - Mnj
Friend - Szn
Friend - Ukra


Coming soon

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