Enhancements are equipable abilities that raise your characters performance and statistics in battle. There are two ways you can earn these either by learning them beating certain officers or buying them from Combat Master Shenlong, the only exception are the enhancements that have a fourth level to them. They are broken up into three different categories.


These enhancements effect your characters Statistics.

Name Effect
Vitality Increase Life.
Spirit Increase Musou.
Fortify Increase Attack.
Fortitude Increase Defense.
Cavalier Increase Ride.
Sprint Increase Speed.
Grace Increase Jump.
Harness Increase Ride Defense.
Perfection Increase all stats.


These enhancements effect your characters output during battle.

Name Effect
Reach Attack radius increase.
Precise Critical Hit rate increase.
Flow Musou refill rate increase.
Drive Charge attack power increase.
Element Element effect occurs during attacks.
Drill Jump Charge attack power increase.
Aerial Ace Juggle damage penalty lowered.
Awaken Musou attack power increase.
Musou Element True Musou will have element properties.


These enhancements effect various things during battle.

Name Effect
Alchemy Healing items increase in effect.
Potency Power ups increase in duration.
Fortune Better battle spoils after battle.
Saddle Increase mountable creature health.
Pressure Weapon Deadlocks are easier to win.
Resilience Weapon Durability increase.
Prodigy Easier to learn Enhancements.
Repel Projectile deflection damage increase.
Reserve Musou use for skills and counterattacks are reduced.
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