Su Xiao-Lin

General Info

Full Name: Su Xiao-Lin
Title: Little Flower of Battle
Birthday/Age: April 13 / 16
Height/Weight: 4' 8" / 93 lbs.
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB
Likes: Lotus Blossoms
Dislikes: Being treated like a child
Type: Tech
Dodge: Flip
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Left
Weapon: Sanjiegun
Weapon Name: Yin-Yang
Picking Quote: Nihao! I shall do my best!
Meet in battle(generic): I am more experienced than I look, brace yourself!
Self Ability: Regenerative Aura - Slowly recover health over time. Recovers slower than being hit with a Lv 1 Fire element attack burn.
Skill: Illusive Sweep - Wide 360 attack while falling on the ground to avoid damage. C4x, wider range in Three-sectional staff form.

Character Relations

Mother - Su Jiang-Ying
Close Friend/Lord - Arwen Rize
Friend - Artemiz Glinka
Old Friend - Ryƫken
Teacher - Mil Mayron
Friend - Spica Raghia Andromeda
Friend later enemy - Ziek Zanda


Gentle-hearted young girl gifted with surprising skill with the use of a Sanjiegun, hard to anger, but will make one pay for mistaking age for skill. After a point in the story where she was almost killed by a bullet (was blocked by her Sanjiegun in Bo Staff form while she wasn't gripping it tightly) she then grew to fear men, at that point Maha (her ferret) was given to her as a gift of apology, but the trauma didn't dissipate immediately. Also when fighting women with noticeably big chests she gets breast envy.

Flower Blooming on the Battlefield

Worried about her father she set a goal to find him after not hearing from him in a long time. With her mom's permission she set to train herself for her journey. Several years later she meets Arwen, her goal changed from from blindly trying to find her father to give her all to help Arwen, though her personal goal to find her father remains unchanged.

Initial Stats

Life: 105
Musou: 105
Attack: 97
Defense: 102
Ride: 110
Range: 122
Speed: 110
Jump: 114

Base stat values exclude any enhancements that would raise them on a Level 1 Xiao-Lin

Initial Enhancements
Vitality 1, Fortitude 1, Potency 1, Reserve 1

Obtainable Enhancements
Reach 2, Fortune 2, Reserve 3

Weapon Data

Yin Yang

Three-sectional staff Xiao-Lin has been using for 8 years under the tutelage of Mil Mayron, she can wield it with ease and quickly change between Bo Staff and Separated form.

Staff form

Strength: C
Durability: A
Air Combat: B
Reach: B

Weaker, but farther reaching form of Xiao-Lin's weapon. Sturdier to take impacts better than the separate form.

Separate form

Strength: A
Durability: C
Air Combat: A
Reach: D

Shorter, but stronger form of Xiao-Lin's weapon. Less durable due to it being split thus impacts are not fully guarded, as it is shorter she can swing the outward pieces with full power.

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