Sleipial Grandi Aeterna

General Info

Full Name: Sleipial Grandi Aeterna
Title: Dissmissed Princess
Birthday/Age: October 28 / Unknown
Height/Weight: Varies
Race: Fairy
Gender: Female
Blood type: B
Likes: Cute things
Dislikes: Ghosts
Type: Wonder
Dodge: Flip
Orientation: Homo
Laterality: Ambidextrous
Weapon: Magic
Weapon Name: N/A
Picking Quote: Ready for action.
Meet in battle(generic): N/A
Self Ability: N/A
Skill: Form Change - As a fairy she has 4 forms she can change into at the masters command. The form determines her support ability used to help the active master.

Character Relations

Master/Savior - Spica Raghia Andromeda


As Spica has no voice she acts as her means of conversing which effectively makes her the big sister between them. She is always around Spica usually nestled in her breasts seeing the sights the world has to offer.

Death and Rebirth

Sleipial was a fairy princess that would one day inherit the kingdom from her mother. However, she had no desire to do so which angered her mother who secretly planned to remove her from the family due to her choice. During a hunting trip with some fairies she was injured severely by her kin and pretended to be dead so they would not fully finish the job. However she felt her life fading as her pretend act turned to be true…

She was found and healed by a passing pale woman with mismatching eyes that stayed by her side and nurtured her back to full health. Shocked Sleipial felt a bond with her and followed alongside as the place she used to call home would not be the place to travel back. Her inner desire to travel the world would be done with her new lifetime partner.

Initial Stats

Not playable.

Weapon Data

When in the Normal form she can form an arrow from her finger which breaks the opponents guard opening them up to attacks from her master. Unlike Lil Sweetie who can't break S durability weapon guards she can.

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