Quika Mayron

General Info

Full Name: Quika Mayron
Title: Crimson Bolt
Birthday/Age: March 17 / 24
Height/Weight: 6' / 123 lbs.
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Blood type: B
Likes: Birds
Dislikes: Won't tell
Type: Power
Dodge: Roll
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Crossbow
Weapon Name: Dragon Slayer
Picking Quote: N/A
Meet in battle(generic): Move…
Self Ability: N/A
Skill: N/A

Character Relations

Older Sister - Mil Mayron
Younger Sister - Miri Mayron
Friend - Su Xiao-Lin


Silent emotionless markswoman. Not the talkative type.

Bloodstained Bolt

A silent markswoman who takes on messier tasks Mil wishes not to fully take. Though seeming emotionless she does care for her sisters and is often the one doing the cooking.

Initial Stats

Not playable.

Obtainable Enhancements
Precise 3, Drive 2, Drill 3

Weapon Data

Dragon Slayer


Strength: A
Durability: C
Air Combat: C
Reach: S

Crossbow she has learned to aim while moving, has been known to fell Dragons with its powerful piercing bolts.

Profile Pic


Bust Art


Outfit Concept

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