Huang Qing-Long

General Info

Full Name: Huang Qing-Long
Title: Wild Dragon
Birthday/Age: June 24 / 17
Height/Weight: 5' 3" / 131 lbs.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Blood type: A
Likes: Lounging around
Dislikes: Effort
Type: Speed
Dodge: Roll
Orientation: Hetero
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Nunchaku
Weapon Name: Dragon Soul
Picking Quote: A little exercise wouldn't hurt.
Meet in battle(generic): Think you can keep up with me?
Self Ability: Quick Step - Double Jump
Skill: Blue Dragon Wave - Mid ranged AoE with a possible chance to freeze enemies.
Blue Dragons Rage - Increase attack speed at the cost of halving defense. Consumes Musou.

Character Relations

Lord - Shiki Setsuna
Ally - Cao Fei
Friend - Ukra
Friend - Phike
Love Interest - Su Xiao-Lin


Laid back guy who never takes anything seriously. Tends to make funny remarks whenever he is given the chance usually getting into trouble due to it.

Love struck Dragon

Sent into a battle by himself to check the abilities of a certain enemy general. Amazed by her skills he attempted to sweet talk her, it didn't turn out as well as he'd hope and was forced to battle her. Qing went easy on her and despite her rejection towards him he was determined to have her heart, but how will he reach her?

Initial Stats

Life: 102
Musou: 108
Attack: 95
Defense: 99
Ride: 92
Range: 89
Speed: 135
Jump: 147

Initial Enhancements
Flow 2, Pressure 1, Aerial Ace 1

Obtainable Enhancements
Pressure 2, Drive 2, Flow 3

Weapon Data

Dragon Soul


Strength: B
Durability: C
Air Combat: A
Reach: D

Nunchaku with a Dragon head ornament at the end. Mainly for decoration though it is quite hard when struck by it. Somewhat flimsy, but great while in the air.

Profile Pic


Bust Art


Outfit Concept

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