Miri Mayron

General Info

Full Name: Miri Mayron
Title: Bubbly Star Mage
Birthday/Age: July 4 / 20
Height/Weight: 5' / 105 lbs.
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Blood type: AB
Likes: Stars and sparks
Dislikes: Bullies
Type: Tech
Dodge: Twirl
Orientation: Hetero
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Magician Wand
Weapon Name: Astral Rod
Picking Quote: N/A
Meet in battle(generic): Ima rain stars on you!
Self Ability: N/A
Skill: N/A

Character Relations

Older Sister - Mil Mayron
Taller Sister - Quika Mayron
Friend - Su Xiao-Lin


Cheery klutzy girl that loves using star magic for flashiness. Gets excited quite easily when around her older sister Mil.

Carefree Star

A klutzy loving sister of Mil, tends to favor tossing stars to liven up Mils mood. Tends to be clingy to Mil when near her.

Initial Stats

Not playable.

Obtainable Enhancements
Spirit 3, Awaken 2, Flow 3

Weapon Data

Astral Rod


Strength: B
Durability: D
Air Combat: B
Reach: A

Magical wand with seemingly limitless energy, great at a distance and in the air, though very fragile.

Profile Pic


Bust Art


Outfit Concept

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