Mil Mayron

General Info

Full Name: Mil Mayron
Title: Noble Thunder
Birthday/Age: March 5 / 28
Height/Weight: 5' 6" / 123 lbs.
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Blood type: A
Likes: Barbecue
Dislikes: Cheeky People
Type: Speed
Dodge: Cartwheel
Orientation: Hetero
Laterality: Left
Weapon: Long Sword
Weapon Name: Volt Blade
Picking Quote: I shall carve the way forward!
Meet in battle(generic): My sword & I shall be your judge!
Self Ability: Element Will - Increase elemental attack power and property (can be toggled off).
Skill: Thunder Wave - Throws a vertical blade wave in front of her causing Lv 1 Lightning shock.
Blitz Slide - Slides on the ground to cause Lv 3 Lightning shock.

Character Relations

Younger Sister - Miri Mayron
Taller Sister - Quika Mayron
Acquaintance - Su Jiang-Ying
Ally - Su Xiao-Lin
Ally - Arlia
Ex-husband turned Enemy - Ziek Zanda
Enemy - Shiki Setsuna
Rival - Cao Fei


Often acts cold towards everyone, but comes off as a Mother figure to Xiao-Lin. Hard worker that makes sure her job gets done down to the letter. Because of her tendency to wear tight pants she makes sure her butt isn't showing as she is regarded to have the firmest butt able to cause any being to try to "crabby hand" it.

Worrisome Bolt

Set to be Xiao-Lins trainer she felt like refusing due to Xiaos young age, but after being convinced she took special care of Xiao till she was old enough to finish her training. Mil was going to escort Xiao to Arwen, but she had something to do at her mansion so she let a friend take her place as she went back home. While at home she got news that Xiao maybe in danger, worried she was going to set out the next night to hurry to her side, but the night after the report an old rival came to greet her in a test of power.

Initial Stats

Life: 112
Musou: 118
Attack: 100
Defense: 95
Ride: 127
Range: 125
Speed: 139
Jump: 137

Base stat values exclude any enhancements that would raise them on a Level 1 Mil Mayron

Initial Enhancements
Flow 1, Drill 1, Aerial Ace 1, Alchemy 1

Obtainable Enhancements
Grace 2, Alchemy 3, Aerial Ace 3

Weapon Data

Volt Blade

Strength: B
Durability: C
Air Combat: S
Reach: C

Long Sword Mil uses in two different styles. Not very durable and charges up when hit by Lightning element attacks, she excels in air combat as a majority of her attacks lead an opponent to be airborne.

Normal Grip

Has a variety of quick strikes that lead enemies into the air, better at ground combat.

Reverse Grip

Has a variety of sweeping attacks, better at air combat.

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Outfit Concept

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