General Info

Full Name: Maayaa
Title: Hallucinating Hope
Birthday/Age: Unknown
Height/Weight: 5' 5" / 141 lbs.
Race: Vate (Goddess)
Gender: Female
Blood type: Unknown
Likes: Reading
Dislikes: Distractions
Type: Wonder
Dodge: Flip
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Left
Weapon: Mystic Scythe
Weapon Name: Hazy Blossom
Picking Quote: *Relieved sigh*
Meet in battle(generic): *Annoyed growl*
Self Ability: Omnisense - Guarding blocks attacks from all directions.
Skill: Path of the Ringer - Hold button to stand still and charge power. The longer the charge goes uninterrupted, the stronger the attack becomes. Attacks enemies with a horizontal swipe. If blocked, a second vertical strike is automatically performed.

Character Relations

Sister - Vierge
Sister - Alice
Handmaiden - Eo
Handmaiden - Esk


Calculating and reserved, with her visor off she can create illusions that feel real to those she makes eye contact with.

Illusion Assault

A sacred sword lies in a grove with a tablet behind it written in a mysterious language. A mystic happened upon this grove and began chanting an incantation. After finishing the incantation a woman with pale skin and Baby Blue hair with a visor over her eyes appeared, she was Maayaa. The mystic introduced herself as Jehova and explained her plan to awaken the 8 others like Maayaa. As the Jehova finished explaining a Krtiyan and a Savarain Rani rushed in and tried attacking Jehova, but their assault was blocked by the scythe head of Maayaas weapon, her visor dissipated and her tattoo glowed leaving an illusion of herself behind to fight the two which they thought was the real one.

Initial Stats

Life: 420
Musou: 468
Attack: 317
Defense: 290
Ride: 314
Range: 310
Speed: 216
Jump: 165

Base stat values exclude any enhancements that would raise them on a Re-invigorated Level 1 Maayaa

Initial Enhancements
All at max level

Obtainable Enhancements
Perfection 4, Perfection 3, Perfection 2

Weapon Data

Hazy Blossom


Strength: B
Durability: A
Air Combat: D
Reach: A

A scythe with a rotating head that spins with every swipe, due to its nature of not being connected it can block attacks by swiftly moving on its own.

Profile Pic


Bust Art


Outfit Concept

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