Lil Sweetie

General Info

Full Name: Xiaoke'ai
Title: Pink Sparkle
Birthday/Age: Unknown
Height/Weight: Varies
Race: Fairy
Gender: Female
Blood type: A
Likes: Wondrous things
Dislikes: Being forgetful
Type: Wonder
Dodge: Twirl
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Magic
Weapon Name: N/A
Picking Quote: Righto, let's go!
Meet in battle(generic): N/A
Self Ability: N/A
Skill: Form Change - As a fairy she has 4 forms she can change into at the masters command. The form determines her support ability used to help the active master.

Character Relations

Masters - Su Xiao-Lin & Ryūken


Easily distracted and often oblivious to the situation which makes her forget her panties are in wide view of those around her. When not distracted she is talkative and kind offering her help however she can.

Warrior Graduate

As part of her test to be upgraded to Warrior status she was given an orb to retrieve and bring it back to the queen of her mound. However on her way back she got distracted by a rare fruit and dropped the orb without knowing, as she frantically looked for it a demon who happened to be sleeping nearby happen to be hit by the orb she dropped. He offered to go to her mound with the orb to help her with her test, however on the way back an ambush was waiting in which the demon who introduced himself as Ryūken fought them off singlehandely.

Upon her arrival she was asked to show the orb which Ryūken showed and was verified to be the orb she was sent to get and thus the she had two of her wings removed as a sign of her upgrade. Ryūken bid farewell to the fairy though she seemed attracted to him.

Initial Stats

Not playable.

Weapon Data

When in the Normal form she can sprinkle some dust which breaks the opponents guard (unless their weapon had S durability) opening them up to attacks from her master.

Profile Pic


Bust Art


Outfit Concept

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