Cao Fei

General Info

Full Name: Cao Fei
Title: Brilliant Mind
Birthday/Age: December 24 / 29
Height/Weight: 5' 4" / Won't tell
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Blood type: B
Likes: Karaoke
Dislikes: Smart mouths
Type: Power
Dodge: Cartwheel
Orientation: Bi
Laterality: Right
Weapon: Long Sword
Weapon Name: Dy-nast Blade
Picking Quote: Let's get started shall we?
Meet in battle(generic): My Darkness will shallow you whole.
Self Ability: Element Will - Increase Elemental attack power and property (can be toggled off).
Skill: Shadow Pulse - Plants her sword into the ground and releases a wide range 360 ground wave. Breaks guard, absorbs life from peons, no element to generals and above.

Character Relations

Lord - Shiki Setsuna
Ally - Ziek Zanda
Ally - KojirĊ Minakata
Ally - Huang Qing-Long
Enemy - Arwen Rize
Rival - Mil Mayron


A cunning narcissistic woman. Usually taunts & teases enemies she meets face to face, excellent strategist rivaled by only 1 person Arwen. While taunting/teasing she tends to be a little "playful" while doing so.

Dorkness Curse

Feeling her life to be in danger from her elemental curse she set to find what could cure her illness. After countless hours of searching she couldn't find anything about it so she wanted to meet her rival before her life was erased from history and orchestrated the meeting using an old friend to weave her plan into motion.

Initial Stats

Life: 120
Musou: 100
Attack: 130
Defense: 105
Ride: 100
Range: 125
Speed: 95
Jump: 100

Base stat values exclude any enhancements that would raise them on a Level 1 Cao Fei

Initial Enhancements
Awaken 1, Pressure 1, Prodigy 2

Obtainable Enhancements
Reach 2, Element Charge 2, Musou Element 3

Weapon Data

Dy-nast Blade


Strength: A
Durability: B
Air Combat: B
Reach: Varies by her preference

A sword passed down to her with the unusual ability to change its blade length based on her preference. A strong sword made primarily for ground combat to stagger guarding foes.

Profile Pic


Bust Art


Outfit Concept

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