All characters have two sets of abilities, one being shared with another (Self Ability) and one gained after a couple of levels (Innate Ability). These abilities help the character in battle by granting them an extra effect they are unable to normally from their Race and Type.

Self Ability

Name Effect Characters
Regenerative Aura Slowly recover Life overtime. Xiao-Lin & Mnj
Quick Step Double Jump. Qing-Long & Zudan
Element Will Strengthen Elemental attack power. Can be toggled off. Mil Mayron, Ziek Zanda, Cao Fei, Spica & Arlia
Absorb Guarding attacks refills Musou. Amakosuke & Dudeley
Flowing Spirit Slowly recover Musou overtime. Sauron & Phike
Stability Guard during charge attacks. Kin, Szn & Ann
Stabilize Guard breaks are nullified. Gin, Kojirō & Ryūken
Omnisense Guard attacks from all directions. Arwen, Shinzan & Maayaa
Concentrate Critical hits occur more often. Artemiz & Shin
Adrenaline Recovering from knockdown with 50% Life or less grants Defense & Attack x2 for 10 seconds. Ra Zō & Mikado
Rage Attack power increases based on health lost. Sanada Yayoi & Hui Lang
Poise Immune to Stun & Knockback effects. Sanada Yūji & Ukra
Acceleration Speed x2 when entering rush mode. Xie Liling & Lilian
Instinct Can preform skills during normal attack chain. Setsuna
Acrobat Easier to air recover from juggles. Milinda & Kil

Innate Ability

Name Effect Character
Conserve Musou use cut in half for Skill and Counterattack. Able to use Musou with half a full bar. Xiao-Lin
Dragon Stance Blocked attacks deal damage back at the opponent. Qing-Long
Shock Null Lightning Element attacks don't stun and deal half damage. Mil Mayron
Fire Null No damage taken from Fire Element attacks. Ziek Zanda
Dark Guard Shadow Element recovery effect nulled for opponent. Slash Element won't take a portion of Life away upon being struck. Cao Fei
Second Wind Raise back up with half Life and double Defense after being defeated. Allowed once per stage. Amakosuke
Purity Gain a portion of Life for defeating Generals. Females give more. Spica
Greed More currency dropped from defeated Generals. Sauron
Sakura Illusion Blocking causes cherry blossoms to fly out healing for every successful block. Kin
Elven Pride Non-Elf race characters deal 25% less damage. Gin
Zan "Immovable as the mountain" Successful guards keep you in place. Arwen
Sniper Scope Critical Hit rate is Tripled. Artemiz
Musou Stasis Musou drain rate from using musou is halved. Mnj
Illusion Blocked attacks will go through during Strafing. Ra Zō
Deflect Triple damage done to opponents with projectiles that are reflected at them. Sanada Yayoi
Muscle Receive 50% less damage from Female characters. Sanada Yūji
Cat Step Rush mode entered after 3 steps instead of 6. Xie Liling
Wall Defense increases as KO count increases. Hui Lang
Sadistic Triple damage done to opponents with full Life. Setsuna
Guts Combat Resistance increased by 2. Kojirō
Sluggish Start Speed -10 when stage begins. Speed +1 every minute capping at +20 (30 minutes). Szn
Combomania Attack increases based on combo count. 10 hits equal 1%. Shinzan
Ice Body Unable to be frozen by Ice Element attacks. Arlia
Violent Courage Attack increase as enemy officers are defeated on the map. Ryūken
Life's Breath Increase Attack as Life depletes. Ann
Barrel Roll Dodge can be done while flinching. Shin
Outrage Musou use doubled for skill tripling its attack power. Ukra
Collector Receive more and higher rank Gems upon completing a stage. Mikado
Safety Critical Hits deal no damage. Lilian
Vendetta Stunned targets stay stunned while attacked. Dudeley
Ripple Impact Attacks deal damage in a short radius outward from the target with no flinching. Milinda
Unbearable Power Musou damage increased by 50%, but prohibit skill use and counterattacks for 10 seconds. Phike
Spirit Body Elemental attack damage received cut by 25%. Immune to Fire burn, Ice freeze time cut by half. Maayaa, Eo, Elba, Ludia, Fey, Alice, Lasya, Esk & Vierge
Sexy Aura Receive 50% less damage from Homo & Bi orientational Female characters. Zudan
Glitter Receive 50% less damage from Male characters. Kil
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