A strange and mystical land at driven into chaos, three figures stand up to bring peace in their own way possible. Many warriors heed to aid their cause or they're bored and want to fight, how the story unfolds is up to them…

There are 2 different areas to explore, certain characters are on one side only (Su Xiao-Lin) while a select few go between both (Ryƫken) for their story mode, the areas are known as Battleground and Demons Ground.

There is a side mode Rampant Goddesses where characters Zudan & Kil play a bigger role as they are not major characters in the main story.


A world at war with Arwen, Setsuna & Mikado trying to wage control to bring peace to the troubled land in their own possible way.

Demons Ground

A place where characters that were fillers for the roster run around killing powerful demons who were awakened by a powerful force. Those not attuned to the area are weakened by a miasma that is spread around.

Rampant Goddesses

A powerful mystic seeks vengeance for not being a playable character by awakening 9 Goddesses to run amok.

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